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Our Story

We were founded in 2017 with the motivation to reach people globally by giving them unique and unforgettable experiences with disruptive products. Our games have reached over 2.5 billion people. This could only be done by gathering exceptional talent and creating a culture to enhance team spirit and creativity. We continue this journey which we have started with Hyper Casual games by adding Casual games to our portfolio.

Some Numbers Matter
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We always believe in the power of imagination, learning from each other, and coloring outside the lines. This power comes from our teammates who share the same passion and goal, and will remain to scale up our teams. 

This mindset guides us to focus on bringing excellent products in two genres today; Hyper Casual and Casual Puzzle.

Our Values

We always imagine a distinctive workplace where every teammate shares the same values & passion.

Dream Big

Come up with an idea, and no matter how unattainable or out-of-reach it may seem, together, we can make it happen.

Have a Voice

We believe every voice should be heard. A single word can make an impact.

Push The Limits

Set the bar high and take full responsibility. We work hard and want to be the best of ourselves.

Let’s Create Together!

Biggest dreams can only be achieved by aligning the best talent with an innovative team culture.
We are all the time looking for talents to achieve our dreams.