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Alperen Gezer
Alperen Gezer
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We, the Tech Team, support game developers, publishers and marketing artists with the tools to help speed up routine tasks. We do everything software development related except for actually creating games. Our primary focus is to solve UA & Monetization challenges which is the heart of publishing a game. We tend to move fast and adapt to an ever-changing industry, and it's our best practice to pick the right tool for the job, so what we're using as the tech stack is continuously changing. Every voice, every word matters, so we're always communicating and exchanging ideas. This helps create a great learning environment for everybody involved, and thanks to our fast-paced development cycle, we're still creating value.

We are a gaming company with TECHNOLOGY at its CORE.

Our distributed systems built on microservices enable us to introduce and deliver our games to 25m daily players in 183 countries. In technical terms, 1.7 billion daily events are ingested with real-time processing; and stored in our data warehouse handling petabytes of data. We turn data into meaningful insights and actionable decisions. We build scalable tools, pipelines, platforms, SDKs, dashboards and are responsible for big data and business intelligence.

The ever-changing landscape constantly forces us to evolve and improve. Our desire to adapt to these changes and stay ahead of the curve pushes us to experiment and try what hasn’t been tried before in a fast-paced environment; sometimes even in production. We add our secret sauce into our workflow by implementing state of the art ML technologies into our infrastructure.

We learn and improve together, and have a lot of fun on the way.

How We Work

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    The Tech Team supports game developers, publishers and marketing artists with the tools to help speed up routine tasks...

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