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Burak Kar
Burak Kar
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We come into the picture once a game is ready to meet the world. Our challenge is three-fold: taking the game to the maximum number of players, creating the ultimate player experience, and ensuring we have a profitable business. This translates to User Acquisition(UA), Product Improvement, and Monetization on a daily basis.

Every day millions of people install our games, which is the result of our User Acquisition work. On this front, we combine creative and analytical thinking to develop marketing strategies and find growth opportunities. To enact these strategies we partner and work closely with social media platforms and in-game advertising networks. We make a special effort to understand the user behavior in each grid to deliver the best impact. On the monetization end, we develop effective systems and continuously optimize our revenue streams.

As the growth team, we are always on the lookout to improve our games, even if we are crazy about them. You can find us bouncing around ideas, challenging product features, or brainstorming new game concepts on a given day. We shape our creative ideas with data insight and frequently collaborate with product teams.

We are passionate about what we do, and we dream big. The growth team at Good Job Games transforms right products into worldwide hits.

How We Work

Meet our team mates and learn how they contribute to our success.

  • Alper Memoji
    Alperen Gezer

    The Tech Team supports game developers, publishers and marketing artists with the tools to help speed up routine tasks...

  • Burak Memoji
    Burak Kar

    We come into the picture once a game is ready to meet the world. Our challenge is three-folds: ...

  • Dara Memoji
    Dara Eminzade
    Data / Business Intelligence

    Enormous player base with a wide range of demographics. We thrive to give each of our players a unique experience along their journey by...

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