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Marketing Art

Elcin Ozdemir
Elçin Özdemir
Marketing Art
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We are the creative masterminds in this jungle. Being a part of the Marketing Team in Good Job Games will give you the chance to be a part of millions of user's daily life. We aspire to create eye-catching visual concepts and videos to be used in our mobile games' global marketing and reach potential audiences across the globe through mobile ad networks, social media platforms, and app stores. However, that is not the limit to our job.

Observing the effectiveness of video assets through data is essential. Creatives perform better based on the data. As the Marketing Team, we analyze and derive learnings from the performances of marketing creatives and identify the best marketing trends and tools in the gaming industry. Also, creating engaging product-related marketing campaigns including animated motion graphics, app icons, gifs and other static online advertising media creatives. Daily, you can find us brainstorming and thinking outside of the box to inspire change with new testing ideas.

We are bold and passionate artists who enjoy dynamic aspects of gaming and transform key marketing initiatives and messages into high-quality consumer-facing videos. Our visuals are the real showcase of our exciting games and reach millions of users through mobile ads. Always seeking new ways to communicate with people, have the courage to try and learn things that have never been done before and explore the edges.

How We Work

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