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Data Science

Orçun Gümüş
Data Science
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Good Job Games gives enormous value to data science, and sees it as a very important part of its core business. 

Discovering actionable business insights that help to inform everything we do by processing terabytes of data is what the data science team does at Good Job Games. We seek to explain the behaviour and needs of our players as they play our games. 

We handcraft our own products using the latest developments in statistics and machine learning partnering with technical and growth teams to build a welcoming environment for our all gamers. On top of cutting edge predictive modeling techniques, we have diverse areas to work like causal inference on observational data, uplift modeling, probabilistic programming, reinforcement learning and optimization under uncertainty.

Research is in the core of our team. We are not just using recent developments but we are also aiming to be part of the future of data science developments in gaming industry. 

There are still a lot of things to do with the data we have, and Good Job Games is the the ideal place where data science creates huge impact.

How We Work

Meet our team mates and learn how they contribute to our success.

  • Alperen Gezer
    Alperen Gezer

    The Tech Team supports game developers, publishers and marketing artists with the tools to help speed up routine tasks...

  • Sinem Zeynep Anıl
    Sinem Zeynep Anıl
    Product Marketing

    Product Marketing Team is responsible for designing best marketing strategies for our games. It all starts with identifying right target audience, understanding their interests and looking for ways to catch their attention.

  • Damla Kalemli
    Damla Kalemli
    Marketing Art

    In this playground, we are the creative force behind the eye-catching visual concepts and videos for the global marketing of our mobile games. As a Marketing Artist at Good Job Games, you have an opportunity to affect millions of people's daily lives.

  • Orçun Gümüş
    Orçun Gümüş
    Data Science

    Good Job Games gives enormous value to data science, and sees it as a very important part of its core business. Discovering actionable business insights...

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